No matter the quality of your tennis racquet, purchasing a pair of the best tennis strings is a key component in developing your game. Top tennis strings give a player both power and control. In this article, we’ll walk players through what to look for in tennis strings and which tennis strings to buy.

The best tennis strings for club players will be very different than the best tennis strings for intermediate players. So make sure you know your game level before proceeding. Similarly, the type of tennis string matters. Luxilon strings will give a player a different feel than will gut strings or hybrid tennis strings. As you’ll see below, brand also matters. Our favorite brand is Babolat tennis strings.

Remember that top tennis strings are only one important part of the necessary gear you need for the tennis court. Also, remember to look into purchasing the best tennis racquet. In addition, since it appears you’re thinking about stringing racquets, be sure to check out our article on the best tennis stringing machines.

Note: Keep in mind that when purchasing tennis strings, you have the option to purchase in different quantities. As with most products, purchasing the best tennis strings of 2018 in bulk will be considerably cheaper. Most strings offer a 12m pack, a 100m pack, and a 200m pack. The 12m pack is enough for one racquet, with a 100m pack, you should be able to string 8 racquets, and with the 200m pack, you should be able to string 16 racquets. Buy your tennis string in bulk for cost savings.

Best All Around Tennis Strings: Babolat RPM Blast

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These Babolat tennis strings are Tennis Club Supplies pick for the best tennis strings. They are durable, affordable, and generate a biting spin from the baseline. As a racquet’s strings count for 50% of it’s performance, purchasing a high quality set is necessary to reach a high level on the tennis court. With 25% of the top 100 WTAand ATP players playing with Babolat, you can trust that the Babolat RPM Blast strings will benefit your performance on the tennis court.

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The players who use it should begin to convince you of Babolat RPM Blast’s quality. Those players include Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Sam Stosur. These high density strings are co-polyester and monofilament providing expert touch without sacrificing durability. The string is available in a variety of gauges from 15 to 18. The lower the gauge, the thicker the string.

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Best Tennis Strings 2018 Comparison


Best Luxilon Strings

Luxilon ALU Power Rough

The best luxilon tennis strings are the Luxilon ALU Power Rough. A rougher version of the traditional Luxilon ALU Power strings, these tennis strings provide massive spin with admirable durability.


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Best Natural Gut Strings

Babolat VS Touch

If you’re willing to pay for it,the best natural gut stringsare the Babolat VS Touchstrings. While they are quite expensive, these strings represent the premiere set of tennis strings with unbelievable feel, immense power and impeccable control.


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Best Hybrid Strings

Wilson Champion’s Choice

The best hybrid tennis string set is the Wilson Champion’s Choice. These strings combine the ALU Power Rough with the Wilson Natural Gut giving players an expert mix between two of the top strings available.


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Tennis Strings Review 2018 Comparison Chart

Category Best Tennis String Price
Multifilament Wilson NXT $$
Natural Gut Babolat VS Touch $$$$
Synthetic Gut Prince Synthetic Gut $
Hybrid Wilson Champion's Choice $$$
Polyester (Poly) Luxilon Big Banger ALU Power $$$

Tennis Strings Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

How much tennis string should I buy?
When to replace tennis strings?
What to consider when buying the best tennis strings?

Different Types of Tennis Strings

Multi-filament Tennis Strings
Natural Gut Tennis Strings
Synthetic Gut Tennis Strings
Hybrid Tennis Strings
Polyester (Poly) Tennis Strings

Best Tennis String, All Around Winner: Babolat RPM Blast

best-tennis-stringAs possibly the most trusted name in tennis strings, Babolat produces a high quality product when it comes to the best tennis strings. Our favorite of their string, when considering price, durability, and quality, is Babolat RPM Blast.

Babolat essentially birthed the tennis string industry in 1875 with the creation of Babolat VS, the first natural gut string. While RPM Blast is not natural gut, it comes from the same line of tinkerers who emphasize a durable and high quality product when developing new strings.

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Babolat RPM Blast is the child of Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour, the earlier version of this string. But with it’s upgraded octagonal shape, RPM Blast brings an unparalleled amount of top spin to your racquet.

This string is fairly priced for a Poly string. While the price is slightly above average for strings in general, the increased durability of the string lead to a cost savings in the end when compared to other poly strings.

Strengths of Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat RPM is our favorite string particularly because it is the best tennis string for spin. This string truly “grabs” the ball and will rip into a hurricane as it leaves your racquet. You’ll notice this increased spin if you’re upgrading from really any other type of string. Additionally, the increase in spin is noticeable on all shots. I particularly notice it on my kick serve. If my opponent is a righty, I get a huge jump out to their backhand with this string giving me a nice leg up on points where I miss my first serve. But I also notice the spin improvement on my forehand and backhand making this one of the best tennis strings for topspin.

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Weaknesses of Babolat RPM Blast

nadal-using-rpm-blastIf you’re looking for a tennis string that will add significant power to your ground strokes, the Babolat RPM Blast is not that string. When using this string, I don’t feel as if it’s taking any power off the ball, but I certainly don’t feel the boost in power that I get from using a natural gut string.

Unless you are specifically looking for a string that will increase your power, this is not an issue to worry about. From your opponent’s point of view, the spin this string generates will actually be more frustrating than any power lost. My hitting partners note that the ball really jumps towards the baseline when I string up with Babolat RPM Blast. So although there may be a slight reduction in power, that reduction is easily outweighted by the spin increase.

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One other con: your volleys may not feel quite as clean. Especially if you’re used to natural gut, you’ll lose the pocketing effect that string provides. On the other hand, if you’re been using a synthetic gut, you’ll probably feel better at the net!

Finally, if you specifically use natural gut because you have elbow problems, think twice before switching to a poly. While RPM Blast is on the softer side for poly’s it will still create significantly more friction on your arm than will a natural gut string.

Conclusion on the Best Tennis String: Babolat RPM Blast

babolat-tennis-string-technologyOverall, these strings provide a wonderful experience. They bring an impressive amount of spin to any racquet, without an excessive loss of power. The Babolat RPM Blast strings are also highly strings because they are good for tennis elbow, especially in comparison to other poly strings.

Quantity of String Options

When it come to how much string to purchase, you have three options. The reel, the mini reel, and a single set of strings for one racquet. The choice is yours.

When you’re deciding which gauge string you want to get, remember that the lower the gauge, the highly durability. But for this increased durability, you will sacrifice some of the spin generation that a higher gauge provides. Gauge refers to the thickness of the string. Especially at lower and therefore more durable gauges, Tennis Club Supplies rated RPM Blast the best string for club players.

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For stringing weight, Tennis Club Supplies recommends stringing between 53 and 55 pounds. Start in that range, try things out, and then move your string weight up or down depending on your preferences.

Best Luxilon String: Luxilon ALU Power Rough

best-poly-stringThe Luxilon ALU Power Rough tennis strings are the best tennis strings for advanced players made by Luxilon. The biggest strength? They are highly durable and will last considerably longer than other tennis strings, especially at a lower gauge.

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Their primary weakness is their lack of power. If you’re a tennis player with short swings, look at a natural gut instead. But if you have lengthy strokes and therefore don’t have issues generating your own power, the Luxilon ALU Power Rough is a great tennis string for you.

This string is used in a hyrbid string combination by many of the top professional tennis players on the ATP. These players include Roger Federer, Novak, and Murray. Be aware that using a hybrid set up is completely different than using a single string, so although these players use ALU Power Rough, they don’t use ONLY ALU Power Rough. When used in a hybrid set up, the other string in the combination is a natural gut string.

Who is this the best tennis string for?

best-tennis-string-for-advanced-playersOn their own, the biggest strength of these strings is the explosive spin. As with many Poly strings, the balls rips of the racquet in a vortex of rotation. I like this product as the best textured string for baseline attackers. This style of player will not miss the lack of power from the strings, but the spin will help keep the ball in the court, especially on those approach shots that can sometimes float long.

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Cons of there Luxilon Strings

History of arm problems? Then these luxilon tennis strings are not for you. Because of the reduction in power, this top luxilon string encourages players to hit out. It can find holes in faulty strokes. Most players will have no issue so don’t worry too much.

best-luxilon-stringThe primary con, however, of ALU Power Rough is the quick loss of tension without a string break. Unlike natural gut, poly strings will drop up to 5 pounds of tension over the course of their lifetime. This can be frustrating. Also unlike natural gut, their is no visible cue as to the age of the string. There is no fraying. So, just be careful which racquet you grab out of your bag when you head to the court. Even if you strung two racquets at the same weight, if you’ve only been playing with one, you may notice that they have a significantly different feel.

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Best Hybrid String: Wilson Champions Choice

best-hybrid-tennis-stringsIt’s important to note upfront that the best hybrid tennis string actually includes two different types of string.With the Wilson Champion’s Choice, those two strings are the Luxilon ALU Power Rough and the Wilson Natural Gut. Together, these two strings provide an impressive array of features. You’ll notice professionals across the men’s and women’s side of the game using a set up like this one. Most notably, this is the best hybrid tennis string combination of choice for Roger Federer.

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One common question asked up front: which string should I put in the main, and which string should I put in the crosses. Of course, there is no perfect answer. For a softer feel and greater touch, I put the Wilson Natural Gut in the mains. For a set up that prioritizes durability and control, I suggest using Luxilon ALU Power Rough in the mains.


how-to-string-hybrid-tennis-stringsEven with a set up that prioritizes durability, these strings won’t last that long compared to a poly only set. Prepare to get 10 to 15 hours of life out of them. The issue? The natural gut strings just won’t last that long. Unfortunately, these strings will also fray a bit meaning that as they reach the end of their lifespan, they’ll be a slight reduction in the amount of consistency that can be gained from the racquet.

At a minimum, give this set up a try. If you can’t afford it in the long run, that’s ok. But enough pros are using this string that it’s worth your time to explore it. I find this to be a particularly good string with the RF97 Prostaff. Try it will the lighter version here. We reviewed that racquet and you can find that review here.

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Conclusion: Best Hybrid String Combinations

hybrid-tennis-stringsOverall, if you’re willing to shell out the cash for it, buying the best hybrid tennis strings will provide fantastic benefit to your game. In fact, if price did not matter in our calculations, we would rate the Wilson Champion’s Choice tennis strings as the best tennis strings available. While the price is slightly lower than just purchasing natural gut tennis strings, it’s still quite expensive.

What weight to string at? We recommend starting around 54 pounds and adjusting from there. If you are a higher level player, try starting a little close to 52 pounds. Regardless, Wilson Champion’s Choice is worth looking at!

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Best Gut String: Babolat VS Touch

best-natural-gut-stringNatural gut tennis string is the grandmother of all tennis strings. Because of where it comes from (cow intestines, actually) it’s not cheap. In fact, a quick search at natural gut tennis strings will reveal that these are the most expensive tennis strings available. But, as with most products, you get what you pay for: these are high quality tennis strings.

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We rate Babolat VS Touch, the first ever natural gut tennis string, as the best gut string. Launched in 1925 by Babolat himself, this string has been meticulously fine tuned over the years culminating in the current day fantastic product. The newest addition of this string includes Thermogut Finishing Technology. This feature helps protect the gut against humidity increasing the durability of the string in tough conditions. Babolat also recently added BT7 Layering Technology which supposedly increasing the lifetime of the string by 15%.

Natural Gut in General

So why is natural gut string so widely loved? Well, the feel is amazing. Often this “feel” is best described as pocketing. Imagine the tennis strings forming a pocket around the tennis ball when making contact with it. This effect creates a large amount of surface area between the ball and the racquet giving the player unparalleled control over where to place the ball.

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Furthermore, this Babolat VS Touch is the best tennis string for power. Unlike top poly strings, you’ll feel the ball launch off your racquet using VS Touch. Therefore, we recommend this string for developing players trying to play up at higher levels and add some extra pace on to their game. In this respect, it’s also helpful to use if you have issues with your elbow. Natural gut is a very friendly string on the arm.

Natural Gut is the best tennis string for…

fraying-natural-gut-tennis-stringWhen I use natural gut, I find it to be the best tennis strings for volleys. I really like playing doubles with Babolat VS Touch. Consider buying this string in bulk to help reduce the high costs associated with its purchase.

Another positive about natural gut? It holds its tension quite well. While fraying will occur, you won’t lose too many pounds of tension in play. These strings are not durable, though. So keep in mind that even with the expensive cost, the string job won’t last that long.

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Overall, Babolat VS Touch is a classic for a reason. It’s reliable, filled with style, and a high kilowatt power generator. It’s a great tennis string for players of all levels.

The Best Tennis Strings: Afterthoughts

tennis-racquet-restringIf you find a set of laces that really meet your needs, you might be in luck to get a Guinness World Record for a long rally! While that many shots is too many to ask for most, it is imperative to realize how important top tennis strings are to your game. You have many options and the best tennis strings for some, may not be the same as the best for others.

Make sure to explore all the different kinds of tennis strings there are. Often times, the best way to do this is by demoing various strings on the same racquet. Start this process by talking to a pro at your local club. I recommend, at a minimum, giving a try to hybrid strings, luxilon strings, and gut strings (if you have the money). To make sure you’re getting the same kind of balls while you’re trying out new string, consider practicing with a tennis ball machine. Nice string isn’t cheap, but if you use it, you’ll notice an improvement in your game.

Cheers and happy hitting with those new strings!

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