ERSA Indochina Certificates

As agreed with ERSA International, ERSA Indochina will be in charge of organizing and delivering the following Certificates for potential participants in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar (schedule will be advised on this website):

ERSA Stringer: no exam required, a title given just by participating in a workshop

ERSA PS (Professional Stringer): both a written and practical exam taken.

ERSA  MPS1 (Master Professional Stringer Level 1) - both a written and practical exam taken

ERSA MPS 2 (Master Professional Stringer Level 2) - same as above but more focus on brand technologies

ERSA PTS 1 (Pro Tour Stringer Level 1) - both customising and stringing exam.

ERSA PTS 2 (Pro Tour Stringer Level 2) - customising, stringing and a written exam

ERSA Master PTS (Master Pro Tour Stringer) - Honorary title decided on by the best stringers in the world.

If you wish to register one of the above mentioned course, please send us an email. We will inform you the exact date and time through your emails.

Tony Le - ERSA Indochina 

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