The European Racquet Stringers Association Indochina (ERSA Indochina) was founded in Mar 2018 as a Club of leading tennis experts to promote the concept and mission of ERSA in the Indochina area.  

The European Racquet Stringers Association (ERSA) was founded in the Summer of 2001 as a partner corporation of the United States Racquet stringers Association. After one and one half years, ERSA decided to become an association instead of a corporation and separated from the USRSA. ERSA have now changed and expanded the tests we were using with the USRSA. The new tests are updated with relevant questions, and offering more certifications including tennis, badminton and squash with more levels up to Pro Tour Stringer. 
ERSA now have over 3,000 members in over 30 countries including leaders of the racquet sports industry, racquet specialists, teaching professionals, sporting goods retailers, manufacturers, sales organizations and racquet sports enthusiasts. Our PRO STRINGER magazine is published in English; and our ERSA Pro Stringer Guide, Study Guides and Tests are now available in French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Russian,Chinese, Dutch, and Czech..

Our mission at the ERSA Indochina is to educate our members and consumers to better understand, service, perform with and enjoy all the technological wonders of racquets, strings, balls, courts, shoes and stringing machines. The ERSA Indochina accomplishes these goals through information technology products, PRO STRINGER magazine, The ERSA PRO STRINGER GUIDE,, ERSA e-Newsletter, workshops, certification and product testing.

ERSA Indochina is supported by Mr. Richard Parnell, an ERSA Master PTS (Master Pro Tour Stringer - A Honorary title decided on by the best stringers in the world). Please note that there are only less than 10 people in the world having this title.

Benefits: Being a member of ERSA Indochina, retailers could increase their credibility of their service while selling and stringing racquets. Consumers can learn how to play tennis the proper way, using the right equipment that suits their style of playing.

Our different Certificates are the following:

ERSA Stringer: no exam required, a title given just by participating in a workshop

ERSA PS (Professional Stringer): both a written and practical exam taken.

ERSA  MPS1 (Master Professional Stringer Level 1) - both a written and practical exam taken

ERSA MPS 2 (Master Professional Stringer Level 2) - same as above but more focus on brand technologies

ERSA PTS 1 (Pro Tour Stringer Level 1) - both customising and stringing exam.

ERSA PTS 2 (Pro Tour Stringer Level 2) - customising, stringing and a written exam

ERSA Master PTS (Master Pro Tour Stringer) - Honorary title decided on by the best stringers in the world.