Head Sports Launches New Tennis Sensor

Technology continues to make inroads into the world of tennis. Not only have we seen a huge leap forward in racquet design over the years, we’re also getting these cool little training gizmos that can help us analyze (and thus improve) our games. The newest entry is the Head Tennis Sensor, out today, January 17th.

Head Tennis Sensor



My first impression of the Head Sensor is great. As a coach I’ll definitely use it with my kids. As a player I’ll definitely use it to track spin, to track speed, to track where the ball is one the sweet spot. I really liked it. This is the best product I’ve seen on the market. -Michael Ward, GM, John McEnroe Tennis Academy

The tool fits seamlessly into most Head tennis racquets (pop it into the frame handle, it replaces the butt cap) and offers four unique modes: play, train, compete and 3D serve. The sensor comes with a free Android and IOS app that allows tennis players to analyze their every move on the court, track their performance and compare their stats with friends or rivals.

PLAY MODE: allows users to monitor every shot, tracking information on ball speed, spin, sweet spot and more.

TRAIN MODE: players can improve their game using a growing database of exercises provided by Head coaches.

COMPETE MODE: Players can also challenge up to three rivals, comparing their performances in singles and doubles matches.

3D SERVE MODE: this animated mode helps players improve their serves by analyzing swing and sweet spot.

The intuitive user interface of the Head Tennis Sensor app was developed in partnership with Zepp, an expert in sensor technologies and app design. The device is compatible with Head Graphene XT and Head Graphene Touch racquets. It’s also water resistant and equipped with the latest Bluetooth standard technology. Over the last ten months, players and coaches from across the globe provided valuable feedback to improve the software and ensure consistent results across the entire family of Head racquets.

Head Tennis Sensor

Head Tennis Sensor


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