Untangling the mysteries of tennis string.

Tennis string is one of the most confusing categories in tennis. It’s worth taking time to learn the “mysteries” though because the racquet/string combination is a 50/50 deal. The string you choose can help or hurt your game.

Lucien Nogues, long time stringer for Babolat, refers to the string in your tennis racquet as its engine. To quote Nogues, a performance car would not run as it should with a truck engine. A performance racquet needs a proper engine as well.

I recently caught up with U.S. stringer extraordinaire, Chris Gaudreau at Racquet Koop in New Haven, Connecticut. Gaudreau is part of Babolat’s Roland Garros (RG) string team and travels to Paris every year to work in the “Babolab” with 21 other racquet stringers/customizers from all of the world.

Gaudreau 1

Last year the Babolab team strung over 4100 racquets at RG with 47 kilometers of string (29.2 miles)!

by Karin at Tennis Identity

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